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    Karbar 1183

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    I recently bought two of these, both new and very nice knives. They were from two different dealers stating they were 20+ years old. Any info on this model? I can't post pictures here, but they are the wood handle, brass bolsters with the "press" liner lock release to close the knife....Were these USA made ( as they are marked)? Thanks for any info....I am a long time collector but new to this model and the only other Kabars I had before this was a few 1179s....

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    Toooj may correct me on this, but i believe this model was produced relatively unchanged into the 1980's by Camillus for KaBar.

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    Thanks for the link! I did a search but did not find that response.....Gives me most of what I was looking for on the info side.

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    Ended up with four of these all from the old days and all mint....Great knives!!! Thanks all

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