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Thread: MSNBC video features Ka-Bar Zombie Knife

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    MSNBC video features Ka-Bar Zombie Knife

    I'm personally not into Zombie knives and for those of you that are MSNBC is featuring a short video giving one of Ka-Bar's Zombie knives an honorable mention.

    How to survive a zombie apocalypse

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    Very cool. Thanks for sharing this one.
    Those zombie knives were quick to sell again at this year's Blade.
    Signs and t-shirts too. People can't get enough apocalypse gear.

    My biscuit would love for you to join the Fans of Becker Knives Group and the Fans of Ka-Bar Knives Group.

    "You gotta step out onto the fringe of fear, where all growth happens, and roll the dice. " - some Oregonian

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