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Thread: New Toy to add to the family

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    New Toy to add to the family

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    Got an MBB-2

    Sorry for the bad pics

    here it is with my KZ2, NMFBM, Zombie Slayer (AK), and RMJ Shrike
    and of course some fire power

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    Put up a better pic...figured I could generate at least one comment....heres to that

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    Who made it? I'm ignorant of it but it looks sorta like a John Gage.

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    Nice piece of steel.

    How thick is the blade?

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    Sweet! How thick is it and whats the steel?

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    Its a Miller bros Blade
    Its 5160 which is why I was asking about 5160 not too long ago...kinda wish it was INFI
    its 5/16 thick

    all i need now all i need is my rattle hawk and im least until the next great design, right?

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