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Thread: Help me pick the colour of my large satchel!

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    Help me pick the colour of my large satchel!

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    So I was really pleased to find out that I was due a sizeable tax refund in a couple of weeks so after paying off my yearly student loan obligation and putting some in savings, I find I still have enough to go shopping with

    Been drooling over a satchel as a casual/EDC bag in the large size that I can bring around town yet still not feel under-dressed during casual Fridays at the finance firm I work at. Definitely have it narrowed down to either the Tobacco Brown or the Chestnut variety. I think I like the Tobacco Brown because it ages the best, while the Chestnut really has an air of class and elegance that I really like. I think this is going to be an important decision since I plan on getting a Large Briefcase in the same colour when Christmas rolls over.

    I guess I am just looking for opinions, pictures, stories, experiences etc. with the two colours and the satchel in general.

    Thanks folks!

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    I have a bunch of stuff from Sadddleback in all different colours. I only have one bag and thats a Messenger bag in chestnut. It is a great colour but I am very fond of my tobacco iPad case. I think the tobacco is the one to go with, it just looks nice and I think it will age very well.

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    Thanks! The tobacco just seems very nice and goes with everything.. I am this close to getting one If nothing changes my mind before I get credited my refund, I will go with the tobacco!

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    Another vote for the Tobacco. The Chestnut might look a little more formal but the Tobacco just gets better looking as it ages.

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