I have always had a "no dealer" policy on my stuff. It wasn't because I don't like dealers. I just never had the output to really support a dealer. I typically dealt in smaller batches and my wait time was way too long to carry a dealer. These days, my output is a lot larger and it's time for me to expand. In order to do that, I've worked out a deal with two outfits, one a local GA shop that I fully recommend and support, the other a favorite internet site of mine and very trusted business.

First I'll tell you guys about the internet site. Several of you I'm sure are familiar with it. It is Arizona Custom Knives. http://www.arizonacustomknives.com I had a chance to sit down and talk at great length with the owner of Arizona Custom Knives, Julie Maguire and we decided that her site would be the best way for me to break into the internet dealer game. I have enjoyed seeing everything she has done for Andy of Fiddleback Forgeand am confident that we will have a very good business relationship. Pretty soon, you guys will start seeing Fletcher Knives on her website.

2225 A1A South
Suite B-9
St. Augustine, FL 32080

Next, we have Forsyth County Pawn. http://forsythcountypawn.com They are a local gun store and pawn shop in Cumming, GA. I am in there ALL THE TIME and have really developed a good relationship with the owners and operators there. Plus, I'm very big on supporting my local shops and this is a place I spend a lot of time and money in. In my opinion, they're the best game around for great business, quality people and excellent deals. I swear if they had a gun range there, they'd have to rent me a room in the back to live in, absolutely a great establishment. I have also worked out a deal with them to start carrying my knives. They great thing about that is that there will be a local place where people can see my knives in person and have a chance to handle them before they buy. For anyone in the area, you need to go by and check this place out. Also, they will be carrying some knives from Fiddleback Forge, so if you want to check out some of Andy's knives, they will be there as well.

These two dealers will be able to offer something that I rarely can, knives in stock with no wait. All you have to do is visit their websites or call and you will be able to choose from Fletcher Knives in stock. Not to mention, they have tons of other great products to choose from as well. GO CHECK 'EM OUT!!!