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Thread: Update! - New Models - WIP!

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    Wink Update! - New Models - WIP!

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    I thought it was about time that I gave everyone a sneak peak of some of the edged tools that I have been working on lately. I have numerous new designs that will slowly be coming out over the next few months.

    These are all in various stages of completion, so please excuse the Dykem! Please keep in mind that these are only rough ground. The finished versions will look completely different.

    Some are spoken for at the moment, but most will be available on the forums.

    First off is a combat hawk. When designing this, I wanted something that could be both tool and weapon if necessary. The blade is 1/4" 5150 and the handle will be micarta. The head will be removable.

    This is one of several pikal or "edge in" designs that I will be offering. 1/8" A2. This is going to be a VERY nasty cutter! The finished version will have a swedge. (I grind those after HT)

    Next is a mini Soothsayer and what I like to call a "Micro Dashi". The edge on the Micro Dashi is about 1", and the whole knife will fit in an Altoids tin.

    The knife on top is my standard "Nova"; basically a small EDC. The lower knife is a new blade shape that I will be offering.

    More daggers!

    A titanium Ebi! I also have steel versions on the bench! (G10 and wrapped)

    A simple wharncliffe friction folder. I still need to order the hardware for this, but the design is pretty much done.

    XL Rhinos! These have been very popular, so more are on the way.

    These are just some EDC/Utility designs that I have been experimenting with. I especially like the recurve.

    A pair of Nosferatu kwaiken. One is just a bit longer than normal. S30V

    I call these "Quills". A small, very precise neck kiridashi design.

    This is a small neck or EDC pocket blade. I have several other blades shapes that I will be offering. Should make a great carry knife.

    I hope you guys enjoyed the sneak peak!

    Future projects will include liner locks, slip joints, more swords, choppers, impact devices, key chain tools and more.

    The problem is that I have more designs than I have time to make them!
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    NICE !! I'm looking forward to see how these turn out Johnathan and I'm really interested in seeing the liner locks !

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    That reverse-edge piece is a work of art. If there is a waiting list for something like that, I want to be on it.

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    Nice work!

    The wharncliffe friction folder has a portrait of Obama on the end of the blade -


    might just be me - but if others agree might be ebayable right now lol



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    Very cool brother, I love following your work I'm in need of a new EDC fixed and soon after a good boot knife. The tomahawk is to cool. I have some uc m48s I throw for fun and they're a blast great training tool for cqb as well

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    Bottom knife in pic 9 is perfect for edc/self defense. Maybe some thin g-10 scales to keep overall profile down. Very interested and will be watching this thread.

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    Those new designs look GREAT, John! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished friction folder, and pikal--already saw the finished dagger, and it looks awesome, especially with the orange ray skin. Keep up the great innovation, bud!
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    I'm in love with that Ebi! Do you mind giving some specs for that one? Also, if there is a list I'd like to be on it. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ps72 View Post
    I'm in love with that Ebi! Do you mind giving some specs for that one? Also, if there is a list I'd like to be on it. Thanks in advance.

    The Ebi is 5.25" OAL, with a cutting edge of about 2.125".

    I actually have one in A2 that is ready for sale.

    I'll have to double check the handle when I get home, because I can't remember what color sting ray I used.

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    I sent you an email. Thanks!

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    Those quills look amazing. I will be keeping my eye out for those. Great work.

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