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Thread: Odd 'LifeSharp' policy from Benchmade

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    Odd 'LifeSharp' policy from Benchmade

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    Sent my Nightshift boot knife in to have the false edge sharpened. They sent it back with the primary edge sharp, and a note that read "We are not able to grind a custom edge on the false edge of this knife design, it is not designed to be a dual edged dagger style knife. We regret any inconvenience this may cause."

    Look at my avatar if you're not familiar with this knife design... sure looks like a dual edged dagger style knife to me.
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    May LOOK like a double edge blade but as you know it wasn't MADE as a double edge. Just my guess but I suspect it was not made with a double edged blade because more than a few states and or localities prohibit the carry of such blades so BM isn't going to modify it after the fact into something it wasn't when it left the factory. I'm kind of doubt Spyderco, Kershaw, Buck, etc would have fulfilled your request either.
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    Yes it looks like a duel edge design, but it's not. Laws very by jurisdiction and I don't know where you live, but I'd bet even money that a dual edged weapon is looked at differently than a single edged knife legally in your city/state. Maybe Benchmade doesn't want to get mixed up in any potential legal issues that may arise from providing you with such a knife?

    Or, maybe asking to have your knife customized for $5 was just a little presumptuous (one might even say odd) on your part?
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    I see your point about liability, but no, I would not consider my request odd. I've owned SOG mini pentagons and Cold Steel knives that were double edged, The false edge just not sharpened, so I do not consider my request to have it sharpened by the manufacturer neither odd nor out of place. As a matter of fact, the knife handle is identical from every side, making it virtually impossible to orient this knife quickly in the dark. With both edges sharpened, that would not be an issue. Having said that, yes, I'd agree that I'd have to think twice if I wished to carry such a piece in most locales.
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    Why would you expect them to sharpen a part of the blade that they do not intend to be sharp?
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    If it wasn't sharpened when you bought it, they won't sharpen it for you.

    Too many liabilities if you go and stick someone with it.

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    False edge... false...


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    Quote Originally Posted by CWL View Post
    If it wasn't sharpened when you bought it, they won't sharpen it for you.

    Too many liabilities if you go and stick someone with it.
    Yep. I understand what you are saying about knives from other companies having on edge on both sides, but your BM didn't. If it had two edges when you bought it, they would have sharpened both. But you only have one edge. Nothing odd about what they did

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