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Thread: Does anybody's ZT 0750 say.............

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    Does anybody's ZT 0750 say.............

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    S30V on the blade? Mine doesn't, just wondering.

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    Nope mine doesn't say it on the side and I haven't seen one that does. I think it's safe to assume that they didn't put the steel on the blade

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    Just to double confirm, mine doesn't have it either.

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    Triple confirm, mine doesn't say S30V neither.
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  5. neither does mine

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    I just got one and was wondering the same thing, why no S30v stamp?

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    Well............ at least I didn't ask a stupid question!

    And to all that chimed in......thanks!

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    I've read a few different weights for this knife now, has anyone had a chance to put it on a scale just curious thanks

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