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Thread: Opinel n 8 Outdoor

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    Opinel n 8 Outdoor

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    Today Ill try my new Opinel n 8 Outdoor, here whit my SAK Ranger for comparison

    Handling the knife

    Lets start the trials. First, a tent peg

    Now, a guy runner

    At this point I experienced some issues, in fact: the Rotoblock doesnt work so well, because its angle of rotation is just few degrees

    And the clip point of the knife is too obtuse to penetrate easily the wood. So, the knife tend to close if pushed up and down few times

    and finally this is the result

    Lets continue

    Final trial, a trigger

    This knife disappointed me a bit. Its really comfortable in hand due to the rounded handle, but the Rotoblock doesnt work when stressed, it tend to open, and the clip point is too belly to use it as a reamer.
    More, the knife isnt sharpen as I like out of the box, this can be fixed easily of course but is something to note. I tried the whistle too, nothing special, is easy to use but is fairly weak, if you ask me.


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    Thanks for taking the time to post this

    I will pass on that model
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    Thanks for the review! I think I like the classic Opinels better.

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    The handle is an improvement but they should have stayed with the traditional blade pattern.
    Ever see the Robinson knives?

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