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Thread: just curious. has the victim returned?

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    just curious. has the victim returned?

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    I know he said it had taken some damage but that was a while ago. any updates on this little bad boy? I been checking all the places a review would go and nada?
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    It suffered an orgy of violence this weekend.......I just kept thinking f&%*&?! poolboy!

    Sorry I have been kind of slow with this.

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    Yup - It is still out there being abused - I see Sean has posted some pictures today -

    No worries - the viKtim has still not succumbed to any violence - it shows battle scars, but has not been broken.

    Scales are just window dressing, and even they withstood way more abuse that expected, and John and I were discussing this; He did not attach the scales in the same way he would for a production knife so customers can reasonably expect that their knives would hold up even better than the viKtim in terms of the scales.

    I am very impressed (but not really surprised) at how well Mr. K's 01 steel holds up, and I am anxious to do a post-mortem on him when he arrives back at the compound in the cornfield.



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    Quote Originally Posted by outdoorsfan View Post
    It suffered an orgy of violence this weekend.......I just kept thinking f&%*&?! poolboy!
    Hehheh,hehheh,he said orgy hehheh.
    Sorry,couldn't help

    I'd say the victim held up way beyond expected & I look forward to getting mine.
    I'm surprised the scales didn't split,crack & fall off a long time ago with all the abuse they took.
    Thats what I would call last resort abuse & now we all know for sure just what a JK built knife can withstand.
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