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Thread: My First Randall Knife

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    My First Randall Knife

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    Hello all, my first post, thanks for having me on the forum. So here is my question:

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to what my first Randall Made Knife should be? I know I would like it to be: on the smaller side (5" or so), with a compass (I will mostly be using it for outdoors and camping), and would like to have a sawtooth or serrated back on the knife. I have noticed most outdoor people prefer/recommend the model 5 for basic outdoors/camping. I think the size, shape would be perfect, but I don't think this model is available in any sort of saw tooth or serrated top edge. I guess my question is 2 fold.. A) do they make the model five with this option, and B) is this option 'necessary' if I am going to be using it for basic outdoor camping/fishing endeavors.
    And C) is there any other model I should be looking at?



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    Ben, welcome. Saw teeth are no longer available on the 5" Model #5...I'd suggest you look at the Non-Catalog 'Combat Companion' to find what you're looking for...


    Hope that helps,

    Always looking for older Randall Made Knives...

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    Melvin, thanks so much for the help, and quick response. I did not realize they also offered "non-catalog" knives. With a name like "combat-companion", I never even considered such a model, especially since I am using this for the furthest thing from combat. However, it does look pretty much what I would assume I would want/need. I am actually waiting for my catalog, and am wondering what "options" to request. I read that they are only accepting orders with 5 options. If the compass is one, the saw teeth is one, what 3 other options should I consider? I would like options that improve the functionality of the knife first, then the collectibility second. Thanks again for all the help...

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    One of my first Randall knives was to be a sturdy camping knife. I ordered it with a saw. The saw was useless for wood. Turns out it was intended for cutting out of a crashed helicopter or something. If Randall makes a knife with a good camping/wood saw, its news to me.

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    thanks for the input raymond. It sounds like I should just forget about the saw and focus on getting a great blade? By the way, what model did you order for your first camping knife?

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    And, to build on your point Raymond. What features/options from Randall have you found to be the most useful, or are most options just a matter of different styles? Thanks again for the help.

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    Correct me if Im mistaken Randall experts - but the only Randall knives available with a compass are the hollow handled models. Raymond is right on the original intended use of the saw teeth. Most wood processing is done by either chopping, batoning, or both.

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    I am FAR from an expert on Randall Knives, but I have seen some handles made of stag with a compass in the end. It looked pretty neat. I am not sure if it was an old model or what, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by svbk556 View Post
    Correct me if Im mistaken Randall experts - but the only Randall knives available with a compass are the hollow handled models.
    The statement above is incorrect. That said, compasses are not available on full-tang models or those with end caps. Other limitations may apply.
    Always looking for older Randall Made Knives...

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    Thanks again Melvin. It sounds like the consensus is that the saw-tooth option is overrated/not necessary for the knife, and the manner in which I am using it. Would you agree with that assessment? Also, are there any other options, that an experienced buyer and seller of Randall's such as yourself, would highly recommend me looking into?

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    I was a fan of Bradford Angier in those days. In several of his books he talked about this great knife he bought from Bo Randall. It was a Model 5. So thatís what I got. It would have been great except for the saw teeth.

    My brother ordered a skinner with a compass. He was disappointed with it. It looked cheap, and unworthy of the knife. I had to agree (Sorry Gary!). That was many years ago, things may be different now.

    If I were buying a sturdy camp knife today, Iíd get a Model 25. But thatís more personal taste than anything else.

    For a sporting knife you want a standard hilt with no upper guard. That double guard only gets in the way when youíre making feather sticks.

    I prefer a Nickel Silver hilt. It will still look great when brass hilts have turned green. If you get a stag handle, match the NS hilt with the NS butt plate.

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    wow. Interesting note about the compass. Thank you for your honest opinion. I have not seen one in person, and by no means do I want to get something on the knife that looks cheap. I do like the model 25, it looks like a nice, all around knife. Any Idea how the leather handle wears over time? I am liking the look of the silver hilt and butt plate, with the leather handle. Thanks again for all the great tips/advice.

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    Stacked leather will show its age. Especially in the jungle, as Marines and GIs in the Pacific campaign could tell you.

    Iíve had my Model 25 for eight years. None of them spent in any jungle. So far the grip looks great. It helps that the stack leather sections are so short.

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    you wouldn't have a picture of it laying around, by chance, would you?

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    Sorry. I'm not set up to post pictures.

    The leather parts of the handle look like new, except they are darkened with handling.

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    Have you ever tried a "border Patrol Handle"? They look like they would be very comfortable...

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    I never have. The Border Patrol Handle does look good.

    On a # 14, # 15, or # 16 I'd rather have that than the standard finger grips.

    A knife handle should be comfortable when you use it edge-side up. The BPH is better for that than the finger grips handle.

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    I had a discussion with a Randall dealer once about the usefulness of Sawteeth, and he uses one with Sawteeth to cut branches off when getting his treestand put up. I guess if you're only going to be cutting smaller stuff with the Sawteeth, and not trying to build a cabin with them, you should be OK.

    I think Melvin-Purvis' suggestion of the Combat Companion is the best choice. Even on the Model 1, you need to have at least a 6" blade for Sawteeth.

    Here's what I would order:

    Combat Companion
    Nickel Silver Single Hilt (I'm not certain if this is available)
    Black Micarta Handle
    Border Patrol Shape (if you don't want this, you could get a Stainless Steel Blade instead of this option)
    Compass Installed

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    Thank you so much for the info. The knife you describe sounds like the perfect outdoor companion, to basically get anything done I need to get done. The one concern I have is that I was kind of hoping for a 4 or 5 inch blade, as I am not exactly Rambo. As for Sheaths, are they basically assigned depending on the length of the blade and model number, or decided by the buyer. I was also at a loss as to what sheath to get. I would like something that is discreet, but perhaps on a 6" blade, that isn't an option? thanks again for all the help everyone.

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