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Thread: Out with some Rats today !

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    Talking Out with some Rats today !

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    Headed out with Satsumatengu today and took a few Rats along for the hike !

    Hiked up to some pretty nice views~

    There were lots of Turkey Vultures around today, you might just be able to make out some of them at the top of the tree in this little ' point and shoot ' wouldn't zoom in far enough to get a good shot !

    I took my new Vex along and my Swampwarden, ST took his Rodent 4 ~

    ST is new to Swamprat knives and still keeps trying his R4 out to see they really are as tough as people say, here he is battoning like a man possessed through some real hard dead wood we found ~

    Of course the edge showed no ill effects from this task and remained just as sharp as before.

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    I'm really diggin' that Vex! Glad to see ya over here too! Like you, I flip around & land here, Busse, & WS&S a lot too.

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    Looks like that R4 is getting a good workout!

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    Nice score on the vex

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    Looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great view PD!! I love my Vex also. It's a great blade.

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