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Thread: Repost- St Amour, Nease

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    Repost- St Amour, Nease

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    I take paypal, Prices are shipped in Canada, and ConUS with tracking and insurance. These are very nice knives that just aren't getting any use. They are safe queens, and its time to free up some cash. Open to offers.

    St. Amour EDC/skinner with tooled sheath. Nothing wrong with this knife, never carried, never used, as purchased. Polished everywhere, 154CM blade. Any marks are likely lint from wiping down with a cloth.
    Water Buffalo handle, 60-61Rc.
    I should also point out that in the photos what looks like grinds on the blade are reflections and the white marks on the handle are pattern in the horn, not scratches.
    Asking $180

    IMG_0445 by rapt_up, on Flickr

    IMG_0447 by rapt_up, on Flickr

    Blade marking by rapt_up, on Flickr

    st amour1 by rapt_up, on Flickr

    st amour2 by rapt_up, on Flickr

    William Nease named “Wolf Kozuka” . This is forged from a planer blade and is chisel ground. Really nice proportions. Crazy sharp. Not really anxious to part with this one. Asking $195

    IMG_0458 by rapt_up, on Flickr

    IMG_0460 by rapt_up, on Flickr

    IMG_0461 by rapt_up, on Flickr The things that look like marks onthe balde are actually reflections of me and a tree outside the window.

    IMG_0462 by rapt_up, on Flickr
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    I like using knives.
    Looking for: Users, 3"- 6" in 3V, 4V, M4, 10V, S90V, S125V etc. Fixed blades, or folders.

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