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Thread: Scandi Bushcrafter review

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    Scandi Bushcrafter review

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    Dang Adam you know how to make a nice Scandi Bushcrafter. Ever thought about giving it a real name? Here are some options for ya (free of charge)...

    Sharp a** motherf*****
    The Fuzz
    Susan Q. Willoughby

    Or you can name it after a cool animal, like a lot of makers do...

    Boreal Toad
    Deadly Bright Yellow Viper
    Super Angry Yak

    Sorry I'm terrible at this. But I figured I'd at least get the ball rolling.

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    Bushman is nice and very apt. Although "Super Angry Yak" still has a nice ring to it... as in "S.A.Y., that's a nice knife!"

    Sorry Adam, I'm weird and can't control it sometimes. I cast my vote for Bushman!

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    I'm sure no one will confuse it with the Cold Steel 'Bushman' - that would be like a Yugo vs a BMW!
    Only sharp knives are interesting.

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