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Thread: For Sale - Kershaw Knife Collection

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    For Sale - Kershaw Knife Collection

    Hi all. As stated in my last thread, I am beginning to sell most of my father's knife collection due to economic reasons. I'm beginning here with his 21 knife Kershaw collection. These knives were all kept together opened in a very nice glass showcase. All of these knives have never been used before, are in mint condition, and have not been opened and closed very often. Most of these items have been discontinued. Free shipping on all items and am willing to entertain discounts for multiple purchases. If you would like the entire collection PM me so we can discuss an appropriate discount. I have more pictures, information, and specifications on all of the knives I can gladly provide you upon request. Thanks for looking and hope you have a good day!

    Top left: 1585BR Baby Boa $55
    Top right: 1585GRY Baby Boa SOLD
    Bottom left: 1600JEEP Chive $45
    Bottom middle: 1600BW Chive $55
    Bottom right: 1600 Chive $38
    1585BR & GRY Baby Boa & 1600 & BW & Jeep.jpg

    TL: 1597 Offset $300
    TR: Model 1900 E.T. $100
    BR: Model 1600BLK $80
    BL: 1550 Blackout $80
    Model 1900 E.T. & 1597 Offset & 1600BLK & 1550Blackout.jpg

    TL: 1660BR Leek $58
    TR: 1660 Leek $55
    BL: 1615 Centofante $60 (with signatures on handle)
    BR: 1610 Centofante SOLD
    1660BR LeekX2 & CentrofanteX2..jpg

    TL: 1670ANN Blur Limited Edition 1 of 1000 $225
    TR: 1670BLK Blur $80
    BL: 1800 Mini Mojo SOLD
    BR: 1470 Storm SOLD
    1670ANN & BLK Blur & Mini Mojo & Storm.jpg

    TL: 16200LBLK Scallion $75 (olive color)
    TR: 1620ST Scallion $45 (serrated blade)
    BL: 1620C Scallion $50
    BR: 1620GRN Scallion $47
    16200LBLK & C & GRN & ST Scallion.jpg
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    I'll take it = BR: 1610 Centofante $55
    PM or email me your pp

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    I'll take:
    1585 GRY Baby Boa $100
    BL 1800 Mini Mojo $65
    BR 1470 Storm $55
    Will cover the extra shipping to Canada
    PM or email me .... Thanks

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    Funds sent

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    Thanks Never Dull, will be shipped out first thing in the morning. Nairb-ca, I can't seem to PM you, could you PM me or give me your email? Thanks

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    email sent

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    Haven't heard from you...thought I better post my email....
    bdidrikson (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Email replied. Sorry for the delay my apologies.

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    1585GRY Baby Boa, 1800 Mini Mojo and 1470 Storm sold

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    Thread closed, will be reposted with an updated version.

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