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Thread: Opinions on my next Emerson

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    Opinions on my next Emerson

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    I caught the Emerson bug and just received my third Emerson today, a Micro Commander, and I am already thinking about my next Emerson. I already have a Mini CQC 15 , a Gentleman Jim and the Micro Commander and I am thinking about either the Horseman , a CQC-7B or a CQC-7V next and wanted some insight. I definitely want another waved knife, and I like to EDC all of my knives so I like to keep them at 3.5" or shorter ( Horseman at 3.54" passes ) blade length. So what are people carrying?

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    You can't go wrong with a Horseman, it's a great knife. I loved mine. I'm stepping up to a Cqc8 though.

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    You will eventually get a 7 so get one now.

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    Would the CQC-8 really be too big for EDC do you think? It should be about the size of an Endura, right?

    I'm still new to Emersons, but I love my 7B so far!

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    I live in New York and the knife laws are a bit ambiguous. I think, from what I have read, that 4" is the max legal blade length outside of New York City ( correct me if I am wrong ), but it is up to an officers discretion ultimately so I self impose a 3.5" max on my EDCs. I know that it is just .5" shy, but, to my eyes a 4" blade seems large and I don't really need the additional blade length, I never buy knives for self defense. I just bought a Gentleman Jim, because I really like the knife, but at 3.75" I will rarely carry it same goes for my ZT 0560. I just actually ordered an Emerson SOCKF, at 3.4 inches with a CQC-7 like blade in the " B " grind with a more ergonomic handle ( I will miss a swedge though ). I think this was the best compromise and I think that I will one day have to buy a Horseman.

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