I have a 1935 era pre WWII Mercedes-Benz complimentary penknife in very good plus condition. The handle appears to be made of mother of pearl (or imitation mother of pearl) with an inlaid Mercedes three pointed star. The blade is stamped "Hugo Hoppe, Solingen Rostfrei" on one side, and "Made in Germany, stainless" on the reverse. There are two knife blades and a nail file, complete with its leather sleeve. I'm asking $155 shipped for it or would trade for or towards some of the knives below:

*Emerson CQC8 SF PE
*Emerson CQC8 Horseman SF PE
*Emerson Journeyman
*Emerson Roadhouse

Thanks for your time, please contact me here with any questions- [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: From the pics it may look like there is rust on the knife. There is no rust on the knife, it has tarnished brass liners.