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    Range bag

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    Dave, How about a range bag? One could say that the Sachel(Indianna Jones has one), would suffice, but a "Range bag" would cater to a speciffic croud and make millions.
    an advocate of your wallets.

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    I guess Dave is too busy to respond. I'm an advocate of his products but if it's not in his best interest than so be it. His wallets are inexpensive compared to all his other bags, and I have had a number of people buy his wallets, albiet, not very expensive, but I would think a response would be appropriate. Dave, get back to work and quit traveling for crying out loud.
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    I don't think he follows this forum. Besides, he's probably traveling in some third world country without internet access.
    But I think a Saddleback range bag would kick ass!

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    They follow this. Dave is a hoot.
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