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Thread: Now I'm having fun Batch.

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    Awesome most excellent work Andy...if you come by anymore Maple and wish to pop them onto another Hunter or even a Woodsman let me that texture...missed this batch as was out playing in the snow down here....

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    Andy, thats a great batch of knives there! I really like the Ladyfingers, especially the Emerald Green one.

    Gents, I took delivery of a Kismet Practical Hunter (KPH) this week and have been working on a sheath design. I plan on finishing the sheath and showing pictures Thursday or Friday.
    Heber Ellsworth

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    Thanks for all y,alls kind words about my work.
    Andy Roy

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    Dang, I missed out. Some awesome knives Sir.

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    Andy - I sent you an email to confirm Paypal address, but noticed today that it is in one of your posts above. Payment now sent.

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    What are the blade lengths on the ladyfingers in this batch?

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    This is both beautiful and depressing lol

    These are absolutely beautiful Andy, and either are just what I had been hoping to see for a while. Unfortunately the recent purchase of a new lap top that will handle my photos and my editing and engineering software, a new D90, new macro lens, and the money we have spent and are spending on an upcoming two-week stay in St. Petersburg (as well as trip to and from) I won't have a knife buying budget for some time to come. I was just thinking last night that I wish I had one of your S35V knives to play around with in some photos in a subtropic environment and salt water.
    “A sane person to an insane society must appear insane.” ~Kurt Vonnegut

    I have a few Tibos for sale

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    Am I correct in assuming there's still a Ladyfinger or two available? And if so, I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you could answer. I've really been looking for a Bushfinger (as that seems to be the ideal pattern for me). What's the difference between the guardless Ladyfinger and the Bushfinger? Also, are these among the knives without sheaths? Thanks. Really beautiful knives.

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    Hi Duff. The Bushfinger is a re design of this knife. The sway in the spine and the handle shape are changed. There are two avail.
    Andy Roy

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    I am glad you are having fun Andy - it means more FB goodness for us...


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    I'll take the nat canvas over OD canvas Ladyfinger. Pardon my ignorance but (if not included) can you point me to a left-handed sheath to fit it or a maker(s) you recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by duffybikes View Post
    I'll take the nat canvas over OD canvas Ladyfinger. Pardon my ignorance but (if not included) can you point me to a left-handed sheath to fit it or a maker(s) you recommend?
    Wildmanh (Heber) who posted earlier in this thread makes really nice sheaths for Fiddlebacks. I got one for my FB Bushcrafter and love it.

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    Thank You Duffybikes. Heber makes a fine and economical sheath choice. wildmanh at yahoo dot com

    Please paypal to: fiddlebackpayments at att dot net
    Please describe the knife in the payment notes!
    Andy Roy

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    Payment sent. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the recommendation. I've shot Heber a note.

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    Hi duffybikes,

    Heber makes some fine sheaths and is an outstanding person to do business with. I believe you made some good choices. Enjoy your Ladyfinger!

    Integrity Counts

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    Did Skinney take that bushboot?

    Thanks, Joe

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    Any of these left ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakeyboy View Post
    Did Skinney take that bushboot?

    Thanks, Joe
    No he didn't. Its yours if you want it Joe.
    Andy Roy

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