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Thread: Just got a Journeyman

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    Just got a Journeyman

    I went into a local gun shop last week not expecting much with the knife selection since most guns shops around me are less than abundant with their variety. I walk in and BAM! Im hit with hundreds of folding knives, literally every brand you can think of and a whole lot of discontinued models. I saw he had a healthy selection of Emerson, so I walk over to inspect to see if they had a journeyman, but didn't want to get my hopes up. Sure enough I see 4 of them available for purchase. Right away I saw that they were listed for 275$ each, which was a little steep IMHO, so I decided to haggle a little. After talking with the friendly owner, I ended up walking out 190$ poorer, but one Emerson richer!

    This Emerson has been a joy to carry and use. It's definitely a favorite of mine so far, specifically for its EDC friendly blade shape. It's too bad these are discontinued!

    WTB a Killa Zilla!!!!!!!!

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    Glad u like it. They do seem like a nice design.

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    Damn I envy you so bad!!!! I've been searching for the Journeyman all over the net. Have to find a site that ships to Canada!!!!

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    Who said it's discontinued?? It's a brand new model, and on the cover of the current catalog.....

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    Congrats! Jouneyman looks great!

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