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Thread: Just got a Journeyman

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    Just got a Journeyman

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    I went into a local gun shop last week not expecting much with the knife selection since most guns shops around me are less than abundant with their variety. I walk in and BAM! Im hit with hundreds of folding knives, literally every brand you can think of and a whole lot of discontinued models. I saw he had a healthy selection of Emerson, so I walk over to inspect to see if they had a journeyman, but didn't want to get my hopes up. Sure enough I see 4 of them available for purchase. Right away I saw that they were listed for 275$ each, which was a little steep IMHO, so I decided to haggle a little. After talking with the friendly owner, I ended up walking out 190$ poorer, but one Emerson richer!

    This Emerson has been a joy to carry and use. It's definitely a favorite of mine so far, specifically for its EDC friendly blade shape. It's too bad these are discontinued!

    WTB Steel flame filler tab and clip. Also an xm18 ti frag scale.

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    Glad u like it. They do seem like a nice design.

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    Damn I envy you so bad!!!! I've been searching for the Journeyman all over the net. Have to find a site that ships to Canada!!!!

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    Who said it's discontinued?? It's a brand new model, and on the cover of the current catalog.....

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    Congrats! Jouneyman looks great!

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