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    Smile Usmc + 1911

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    Yes the Marines will have the good old 1911 again - ordering $ 22.5 million worth of 1911s from Colt ! Tested and approved over 100 years .

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    I'm kind of surprised they didn't go with a Para 1911 or some other version that double stacked and gave 14+1 rounds.

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    In a press release today, Colt Defense said the Marine Corps placed an initial order for 4036 M45 Close Quarters Combat Pistols, plus spares. Deliveries on the five-year contract will begin later this year.

    Yesterday, Barb Hamby of Marine Corps System Command told us, “After a detailed and thorough source selection, a contract was awarded last night.“

    In the email to Marine Corps Times, the MARCORSYSCOM spokeperson says, “Colt Defense LLC, West Hartford, Conn., was awarded a $22,500,000 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract July 18, 2012 for production, delivery and logistical support of the Close Quarter Battle Pistol. Work will be performed in West Hartford, Conn., and is expected to be completed by July 2017. No contract funds will expire by the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was competitively procured using full and open competition with three offers received. The Marine Corps System Command, Quantico, Va., is the contracting activity.”
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    The Close Quarter Battle Pistol is modeled after earlier versions of the semi-automatic 1911 pistol used since the 1980s by Force Reconnaissance units. The contract is for 400 to 12,000 pistols as part of a contract worth up to $22.5 million, according to Marine Corps Systems Command. That means the price per pistol is $1,875. Sources tell us the Marine Corps is ordering 4000 pistols.

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    I think there's something very fishy about the whole Military/Colt relationship. I heard that they opened up the infantry rifle for bid, then did something that changed the specs so basically colt would end up with the contract, anybody know if that is true?

    Even going with the 1911, I have a hard time believing that Colt would come out on top if everybody making a 1911 out there could submit for bit, especially at 1800+++ per gun. Good to see Browning's design is still going strong though.


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    After checking out the Para wide body, I understand the allure of the original 1911. It fits the hand very well. Also, I think at least part of the reason the military is using Colt is to put money into the American economy. Good job and good choice.

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    Well I was in the Corps when they went from 1911's to the Beretta M-9 9 mm.We all complained that we did not have any use for a 9 mm even with the high capacity.when I got out and started out in law enforcement the department I worked for allowed you to carry what ever firearm that you could qualify with.The only stipulation was it had to be a minimum of 9mm or larger. You probably can guess what I carried, A Springfield armory 1911. I am glad for the Corps to have the 1911 back for use.Nothing like a 230 grain slug to drop a tango with any torso shot!

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    An effective side arm is an effective side arm

    Good job on picking a us made weapon ..........again! Lol
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