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Thread: grippy g10 sebenza scale

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    grippy g10 sebenza scale

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    hey BF

    i duno if this is the right place (hope it is), but can someone point me in the proper direction of someone that could do a od green g-10 sebenza scale with a course texture and 3 fullers a la tad gear?

    i can supply the g10


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    You could contact tuffthumbz. He does great work.

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    I didn't even know they made these for the Sebenza... O.o

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    I hope you don't mind me posting in your thread too, but how does one add grippy'ness to G10 scales?

    The reason I ask is my new knife is coming with G10 scales specifically after handling my ESEE-3 that has G10. The ESEE scales are machined on the edges (rounded) and flat on the face with a very coarse texture, I am assuming it is either a pattern molded in to them or it is the raw material itself. The flat sides and the machine sides "grab" more than anything else I have. My EDC is canvas Micarta and after a while it gets polished from use and wear in/out of my pockets. From what I have heard G10 will do the same thing over time, but I am curious to see how well it wears. So my ultimate question is how to make the G10 more grippy? Sanding? Some kind of coating? Some kind of cleaner? A special maintenance technique? I like the raw and coarse G10 feel.

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