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Thread: CS Pipe Hawk Review

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    Question CS Pipe Hawk Review

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    Can anyone tell me how well the Pipe Hawk performs? Weather it's chopping, slicing, or hammering.

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    Wolf Trait,

    This guy Zeuki1 does some nice common sense woodsman tomahawk reviews. He has reviews of all the CS tomahawk models and he seems to prefer the Pipehawk as the best all around hawk. I have no experience with this hawk to back any of this up, just seems like a good review.

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    Thank you. That really helped my decision.

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    The Pipe Hawk is honestly one of the best all around hawks out there. It hammers very well, chops great (almost as well as my GB Sandi forest axe) and if it is re profiled well, slices grate too!

    Here is a video of mine showing a proper cross cutting with the Pipe Hawk...

    I highly recommend the Pip Hawk. Once its cleaned up a little (set screw removed, handle sanded and oiled, blade re profiled etc) it is a great performer.

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