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Thread: FIDDLEBACK FORGE Burlap Hunter user w custom sheath

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    FIDDLEBACK FORGE Burlap Hunter user w custom sheath

    I don't really need to, but I will try to part with my loved FB Hunter with Burlap handles. This is an outstanding knife. It is a user but has always been cared for an not abused. This model is from back when Andy still used corby bolts. The handle scales are also a bit thinner than what he is currently making when I compare it to my new Bushfinger. I am only listing this for sale because it is just a bit more knife than I need. I think the BF is more my size for what I intend to use it for.

    Let me explain a little about this Hunter. I received it new, from another forum member back in June 2010. It went with me on several deer hunting trips, field dressing and butchering beautifully. This past winter (Dec 2011) I sent it back in to Andy for a "spa" treatment and a restamping. He cleaned it up, resharpened it and even reground the blade. It started off as a saber convex grind, when I got it back it was a full convex grind. This totally changed the edge geometry and I believe significantly improved it. This knife is an incredible slicer now! she is currently stropped to hair popin! You can see before and after pics in this thread:

    I also sent it off to Robert Marcinek of RAM Sheaths and had a custom horizontal carry sheath made a few years back as well. You can see a write up of the details of the sheath here:

    As I already mentioned, this knife has been used this past hunting season. The blade is starting a patina and has a few spots on it as well. No rust. I hope it shows up well enough for you in the pics. The sheath shows a little wear (rub marks, some scratches) but is in great shape. The only thing I did to the sheath is wet and stretch out the straps because they were too tight for my liking.

    Here are the stats"

    Steel: 5\32" O-1 tool steel
    Grind: Full convex
    Handle material: Shadetree Burlap
    Overall: 9 3\8"
    Blade: 4 5\8 from tip to scales
    Handle: 4 7\8"

    First "I'll take it" gets it.

    $275, price firm. No trades. You must be over the age of 18 and follow your local laws. USPS Delivery confirmation. Paypal fees and shipping included in price. Sales to the US only.

    Feel free to email any questions. No trades. Sold as-is.

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    I am very interested in this knife - but I am in Sydney, Australia.
    Would you consider shipping over to here?
    I have bought quite a few knives off this forum and never had an issue shipping wise.

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    Email inbound.....

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    reply sent. Let's get this bad-boy back in the woods ASAP

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    This one is SPF

    Thanks Andy!

    SOLD n Shipped 8-03-12
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