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Thread: Another VS thread: Farmer vs Trekker(Trailmaster)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackknife View Post
    Are you under the impression that if you don't have a dedicate phillips driver that you can't deal with them?

    For about 40 years now I've been using the little flat screw driver on the can opener for a flat phillips driver. It works just fine. Don't tell my old SI that it can't deal with phillips, it will be very disappointed. The Vic pioneer, farmer, Wenger SI, and even the alox classic, can deal with phillips screws with no problem. A lot of the tools on a SAK are very multi use.

    True enough, until you encounter one that is countersunk, in which case the can opener blade prevents contact with the ph screw head. Not two days ago I came up against that very situation while using my OH Trekker, but fortunately there was a dedicated ph driver just an inch away.
    But I do believe in thinking outside the dedicated purpose of SAK implements. That includes their very names. I think of the "OH" as a memory aid. It helps me remember where I live (OHio). Also, the Swiss cross can be useful as a vampire repellent .

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    I tried multiple SAKs on camping trips and if I have to choose between the Farmer and Trekker, I choose the Farmer. On camping trips, I carry a fixed blade knife with me, which is my main blade. The pocket knife is mainly used for small cutting tasks and I prefer a smaller blade for that. Also, I prefer the Farmer its smaller size for pocket carry. So for me, the Farmer is more comfortable to carry and use than the Trekker.

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    I would chose the famer sak its smaller and it would be easier for me to carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackknife View Post
    Yes, I don't like any of the polymer as you call it, which is to me another name for plastic. When I can have alox, I will never choose a polymer handled SAK. It just feels cheap to me. To my hand, the alox SAK's have a feel that is a hundred times better than the plastic stuff. The solid feel and snap of the blade closing makes me smile.

    FRN, or any of that stuff just feels like junk to me. My better half bought a Glock some years ago just out of curiosity. She sold it a year later. No problems with the gun, reliable and shot nice. But she's of my generation, and the gun just felt like a Mattel junk toy to her and me both. Couldn't bond with that gun.

    I can completely understand a preference for non polymer equipment (be it guns, knives, tools etc). Part of deciding what tools to use is how they "feel", some people don't like certain materials (I personally don't like the smooth celluloid scales, too slippery).

    However, I have not heard of any mechanical failures in Trekkers or other similar SAK. People have been using plastic SAK for decades, and they have been proving to be very dependable and durable.

    Personally, I really like Stayglow scales, the added benefit of glowing in the dark is extremely useful, I especially like the texture, which is seems to have more "grip" than the standard celluloid. In addition, tweezers/toothpicks are very handy.

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