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Thread: Sold - ZT0350KW, Benchmade 916 Triage

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    Sold - ZT0350KW, Benchmade 916 Triage

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    The ZT0350KW was carried and lightly used. The BM916 is in decent shape, but the black coating on these blades isn't terribly durable. Shows lots of scratches. See below for full info...

    • Zero Tolerance ZT0350KW - $100 shipped to CONUS via USPS Priority Mail.
    • Benchmade 916 Triage - $50 shipped to CONUS via USPS Priority Mail.

    Zero Tolerance ZT0350KW Details
    • Price - $100 Shipped to CONUS via USPS Priority Mail. I eat the PayPal fees. You can send as "gift" if you're feeling generous
    • Handle - G10 is in like new condition, other than mark from moving the clip from tip down to a tip up carry.
    • Blade - Looks perfect to me. This has a bead blast finish and I don't see anything on the blade that wasn't originally there. The blade grind is factory. I only touched up the edge on a set of sticks to bring back to peak sharpness.
    • Pocket Clip - The clip is black with some marks on it. These were like this when new. It's a matte black finish (anodized?) from ZT. Clip was moved to tip up, right side carry.
    • Lock-Up & Centering - Liner lock locks up at 55%. No stickyness at all, even when it was brand new. ZT really did the liner locks right on these. There's no up and down blade play and just a hint side to side. Blade is just a bit off center. I used this knife without the assist spring and noticed the blade centering was nearly perfect without that spring installed. The knife currently has the speedsafe spring installed and deploys fast. I can remove it for you if you'd prefer a non-assisted knife. Either way, the assist spring will come with the knife. It's an easy operation to remove the spring. Only one scale has to be removed (3 T6 and 1 T8 screw).
    • Includes original box.

    Benchmade 916 Triage Details
    • Price - $50 shipped to CONUS via USPS Priority Mail. I eat the Paypal fees.
    • Handle - G10 is in good condition. This G10 is pretty aggressive and was eating my pocket. I put a flat layer of black epoxy under the end of the pocket clip to give a flat surface. This is barely visible and was very cleanly done. Help to reduce any wear on your pockets. The G10 is very grippy on this rescue blade.
    • Blade - Has lots of scratches on the black finish from use. I put a satin finish on the edge. The safety cutter blade is like new. Never sharpened and only cut a piece of paper once to see how sharp it is. Yup, it's very sharp
    • Pocket Clip - Original black clip. Has some edge wear.
    • Lock-Up & Centering - Very solid with the AXIS lock. Has a bit of up and down play, but no side to side. The centering is nearly impossible to photograph as this blade has a very funky grind. Look at how parallel the blade is to the liner. That's how nice and centered it is. Otherwise, can't really see the tip, as there really isn't one
    • Includes non-original Benchmade box.

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    Withdrawn, sorry!
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    Email sent.

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    Email replied to.

    Benchmade 710 is now SPF.

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    Ill take the 710 per our pm.

    PP sent. Thx
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    Price drops on ZT0350KW and the Benchmade 916 Triage. The Benchmade 710 is gone...

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    Price drops yet again. The ZT is now $100 and the BM only $50

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