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I have several "puukko" blades, and the more I use them, the more I truly appreciate them. I have a Jarganpaa "Aito" that is one of the most comfortable blades I've ever used. Earlier this week, I purchased a Brusletto "Troll" and Ahti "Korpi". Can't wait to get them in the woods for some play time.
Mmmm...puukkot. I love my Woodsknife 'Karhu'. Fantastic little knife and beautiful workmanship.

A lot of Puukko makers buy their blades wholesale anymore. I know Harri Merrimaa of Woodsknife uses Lauri blades in his and crafts the handles and resharpen and polishes the blades himself to finish them. You can always pick up the parts for a puukko and craft your own. Lauri has some really nice SS blades for very reasonable prices and a nice chunk of birch and reindeer spacers won't set you back much more. I've been wanting to do this myself for a while but haven't had the workspace or time for it.