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Thread: Hat for sale!

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    Hat for sale!

    Paypal preferred, no trades please. For reference I wear a 7 3/4 hat.

    1. Akubra Snow River Hat. Unknown size but it fits me perfectly. In need of a new inner band. Comes with custom weaved leather had band. New these retail for $129. $45 shipped conus

    2. Bollman 100% wool felt Outback, XL Brown (too big for me) SOLD

    3. Tilley T3, OD green, 7 3/8, worn 2-3 times. Comes complete with cord and owners manual. SOLD

    4. Boonie hat, unkown brand. L/XL, tan color, BCUSA forum patch sewn on front. Some wear and fraying on brim. TRADED

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    How big is too big on the bollman hat please? I wear a 7 3/4 as well.

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    Slightly too big. If I get a summer hair cut it goes down to my ears. Just depends on how tight you like your hat.

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    I'll take the Bollman, please.

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    I'll take the smelly looking boonie.

    Received. Thanks bud and it didn't even smell
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