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Thread: The worst knife you have?

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    Worst knife in my collection is a cheap $5 chinese SAK knockoff I've had for years.

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    Toss up between my Boker Plus MA-2 and my Gerber Paraframe. Both refuse to accept an edge and the finish wears off easily. Disappointed in the Gerber, I have two Gators, one in 440 partially serrated, one drop point in 154CM, and they're excellent.

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    First two knives I bought, having just developed an interest in knives. The first was a Smith and Wesson folder with a shitty plastic handle, which cracked within the first week. The second was a large bowie off of Ebay called a "Red Back". It arrived so blunt it was essentially a training knife, and had 2 - 3 mm of blade play.

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    I bought this Schrade orange-handled drop point hunter for a beater knife for garden weeding. I brought it back to the store 10 minutes after I opened the clam-shell package. ( Note to self: never buy knives in a clam-shell package !)
    I knew the steel ( 3CR-China-BS ) wasn't going to be the greatest) but the handle ? OMG. It had the consistency of jello. That knife wouldn't last through a day of digging weed from sand. I won't embarrass myself by stating the price , but I did get my money back.
    The clam shell package had more structural integrity than the knife did. Nothing wrong with inexpensive knives , but that was one loser.

    The absolute worst POS knife I ever bought ( when I was green and didn't pay attention ) was the CRKT K.I.S.S Tanto/part-serrated frame lock. Brought it back to the store just as quick.

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    Mine is an old CRKT M16 something or other. Just terrible. Blade is wobbly and it started rusting the minute I first bought it. Bought it way back before I was a knut. Only keep it because it's somewhat sentimental, one of the first knives I ever bought. Last partial serrated blade I ever bought too.

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    SOG Twitch, hands down.

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    What model?
    Quote Originally Posted by fz1boxer View Post
    a monstrosity i bought from cold steel........................

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    CRKT K.I.S.S. tanto/half serrated and a Boker "magnum" model. The Boker literally exploded one about the 100th flip.

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    That's easy--Buck Strider Tarani. I take it out of the box from time to time to see if it's really as bad
    as I remember. It is.

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    Gerber paraframe
    S&W SWAT assisted crap
    Anything from Frost Cutlery
    And several Rough Rider slipjoints.
    Thank God I found Bladeforums to show me the difference between quality and junk.

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    SOG Flash 1. Everytime I want to buy a new knife I kick myself for spending money on that rattlely, play-ridden thing. Like HuntBomb, thank God for these forums.

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    As for clamshell Skyline came in one of those, love that knife, but it did crack at thumb stud and had to sen it back. Was going through knives the other day and tried to cut something with Chinese SAK knock off and the blade bent backwards and the whole thing came apart....I threw it away.

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    Multi-way tie between the several knock-off SAK Classics that I've gotten as advertisement/vendor handouts. A blade that doesn't take or hold an edge... scissors that don't cut... a file with grit that's softer than fingernails... tweezers that don't line up correctly. About the only thing that works on them is the toothpick.

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    Gerber Paraframe. I got it years ago before I knew any better. After using it, it registered here and got a better knife.

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    So I may just be jumping in with both feet... I love Kershaw Knives very much.

    But I bought a Kershaw Vapor. looks nice, large, inexpensive. serrated. Serrations are more the size of a pruning saw, to big for much use.

    I love the serrations on my old red blur, best serrations ever, use that knife all the time at work to open tubes of silicone.

    Guess I have Goldie Lock's syndrome those are TOO BIG(Vapor),

    But these are JUST RIGHT! ( Blur )

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    My worst is a little Frost cutlery knife that I got back in high school. Horrible ergonomics, blade wiggle everywhere, won't keep an edge, and the liner lock is completely worthless. I think I have an M-Tech blade around here, too, but that Frost cutlery knife just takes it for terrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharpend60 View Post
    I belive it would be a...

    Kershaw E.T.

    How did this thing even get into production?
    Do you actually own one.. It is quite an amazing knife.

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    i had a gerber mini paraframe that was just awesome for little house chores. i think my biggest disappointment was the SOG twitch two. really fast to open, flicked it thousands of times, took a beautiful edge, but there was SO MUCH blade play i never got around to using it. and when i took it apart to clean it and to see if i could fix the blade play issue, the pieces would never fit just right. one of my favorite knives but a huge let down

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    worst knife I had was a Elk Ridge fixed blade that was a knock off of the Tops M4X Punisher.....the blade slided out of the handle while chopping tree branches.
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    Blackie Collins assisted "letter opener."

    The plastic frame + button lock are so flimsy that all merchants now list it as a letter opener instead of a knife.

    It is unsafe to cut much more than paper.

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