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Thread: Boker Knives... Countries of Manufacture

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    Boker Knives... Countries of Manufacture

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    In looking at the the various auctions on e-bay, etc, I see Boker trappers in "black-boxes" that do not have the Soligen tang-stamp on the main blade, saying only, "Boker." These knife boxes do not say "Classic," as do the Boker knives in the silver/grey boxes...I have heard that some Bokers are manufactured in Germany, but assembled elsewhere. I would be greatly appreciative if someone could give me all of the "ins-and-outs" regarding all Bokers and how to ascertain the countries of manufacture, as well as various blade materials.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thats a tough one! For a while I was seeing them come here with a sticker marking country of manufacture but I haven't ordered any this year.

    If buying off ebay I suggest having the seller take photos of how its marked for country of origin before you buy.

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    The Boker plus and Boker Magnum are made in China.

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    As far as I know Boker knifes are manufactured in Germany, Argentina, USA, Taiwan and China.
    Germany produces the most expansive knifes out of them.
    USA - some of Boker plus line.
    Argentina - mainly fixed blades (for example with stag handles).
    China and Taiwan share knife production of Boker plus and Magnum lines.

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    Boker -> Germany (generally marked Solingnen somewhere now marked Boker Manufaktur)
    Boker Arbolito -> Argentina
    Boker Plus -> anywhere, generally China or Taiwan, recently mostly China
    Magnum by Boker -> mostly china

    That said many webshops, knowingly or being lazy, won't go into details and call everything Boker, or imply everything is from Germany.

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    I have a Boker Vox Elegance BOB. Made in China. VERY nice. I love it. No issues at all. I have batoned with it also. I call it my HD Bowie tip knife. Cause thats what it looks like to me. LOL

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