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Thread: Manix 2 ball lock buttons

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    Manix 2 ball lock buttons

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    I bought 2 Manix 2 Sprints, they are my most recent blade purchases. Overall, this knife is perfect to my standards except one thing. The freaking ball lock buttons! :P

    Anyone sand these down or something? Or stick some type of tape on it? The jimping on these suckers are eating through my thumb and index. I might give it a few weeks to get my fingers used to it but damn... doesn't seem to be changing much.

    While I'm at it, I googled it a bit but can't seem to find the proper page. Does Spyderco send out spare parts such as the plastic bit for the ball bearing lock, screws, etc?

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    I can't speak firmly about the sprint runs, but my standard manix 2 got better with time. I was in the same boat as you when I first got it: the spring on the lock was tight and the polymer cage was destroying my fingers. It'll get better, just keep playing with it. You've got yourself two great knives.

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    5 first night with my Manix2 left my thumb and forefinger sore. Couldn't open it the next day! Today, perfect. You'll build up to it!

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    I recommend a great big can of Harden Up.

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    I feel a crust building that's for sure... not the same feeling when I text on my phone now compared to my left thumb. lol

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    I got a lot of Manix 2s and I've never had this problem. I've always thought they were really slick and elegant in use.

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