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Thread: SOG Trident

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    SOG Trident

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    I know SOG is a reputable brand and I was thinking of buying the trident. Is it any good?

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    I had a 2.0 one.. Was very sharp and fit/finish was amazing.. One awesome looking knife..

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    Most of my SOG blades have been sold but I still have a few that strike my fancy. One is an older Tigershark, the other is a stunning Seki-Japan Trident which has got to be one of the most beautiful knives I have ever seen. The newer versions of this blade don't seem as well fashioned or as properly built but they are of good enough quality to satisfy the majority of folk that hold them in their hands. The vintage SOG pieces speak for themselves!

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    I would steer away. I owned one (and played with several) and they all had pretty bad blade play. AUS8 isn't a great steel for the money, and the over all quality isn't good either.
    SOG also seems to enjoy "copying" designs from other companies and trying to pass them off as their own.

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    I only own 1 SOG but I've handled others and they do have real bad blade play.

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    Yeeeaaahhh.....SOG has kinda a shoddy reputation actually...

    They are known for low end materials, questionable build quality and rampant blade play on almost all of their folders. The Japanese made stuff is decent, but WAY over priced in comparison to other options. By most accounts their fixed blades are okay, but that's about it.

    All in all, unless you are stuck on a Trident, I would advise you to look elsewhere. There are much better knives out there for the money.

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    I have the trident and it has been VERY well used. I would even say it's been abused.
    But it's a great folder. It's developed some blade play of course, but still never fails to get the job done. I love the lock and the shape of the blade.
    Also the safety cutter is a nice feature.

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    I had one with really bad heat treat and really bad blade play. I guess with SOG, it's a hit or miss.

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    It's a good knife if you can get it for a bargain. I have one, and it hasn't given me any problems at all in its 2 years of use, but honestly there are better/less expensive options out there. The Ontario RAT 1, for example. Almost the same knife (only thing really different is liner lock and no safety cutter thing--was sort of useless anyway) for $30 bucks.

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    I guess I was lucky and got a hit.
    Got my SOG Flash Tanto with seat belt cutter,old model.
    Takes and holds a great edge(shaveing sharp) and has absolutely no blade play,but I did have to block safety off to make it compleatly reliable.

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    I've heard that their fixed blades are better than their folding knives. I have a SOG Fast Hawk that I think is a great buy, so I tried an Aegis, (the salesmen got me a new-in-box one and I didn't think to check the blade play) but I had to return it the next day.

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