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Thread: EDC opinions/suggestions?

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    Question EDC opinions/suggestions?

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    **NEW PICS added, 8/28/12, Pics. 8/27/12**** Hi, I am looking into buying a HTM/DDR for EDC, since i cant wait for the Forum knife. I will mainly use it for cutting the normal paper, cardboard, etc. But it would still be great knowing I could escape from the roof of my car or chop down a tree if I needed too.

    I am looking into the DDR GH m390, HTM/DDR Greg Lightfoot 154cm, or another DDR Forum knife with s90v. Here is my short list so far: (+ means positive attribute for me, - means negative attribute for me).

    GH m390 + price, + blade metal.
    GL 154cm + price, lightweight, +/- blade steel compared to rest.
    Forum s90v - can only afford down payment, +/- I will have 2, + blade metal.

    Thanks for the advice.
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    Ok I went with the HTM/DDR Greg Lightfoot Bullwhip manual in black handle and black blade with plain edge. I will soon have a BF GH S90v when they come in. So I went with the manual bullwhip.

    They just got in this shipment in stock with a good price too. I will post some pics.
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    Sounds interesting, looking forward to pics!

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    Thanks crimsonfalcon. I should be getting it next week. I got the free shipping so it might take awhile. It will be my first HTM and I am very excited. Pics. soon.

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    Which Gunny are you getting? Forum knife?

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    My choices for edc were the DDR GH m390, another BF DDR GH s90v, or the HTM/DDR Lightfoot bullwhip. I went with the HTM/DDR GL bullwhip because it just came into stock in manual with black blade/black handle.

    I thought the scales on the bullwhip was g10 at first but its actually 3d machined aluminum. Cool.

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    The HTM Greg Lightfoot designed Bullwhip Flipper with silky smooth manual operation Black plain edge blade. The 154CM stainless blade has a DLC black coating, razor sharp plain edge and integral flipper. The lightweight aircraft grade 3D machined aluminum handles are protected by a durable Military "Type III" hard black coating. Includes .09" thick titanium liner lock, hardened wear parts, HTM zipper pouch and a reversible black coated stainless pocket clip for EDC carry. Made in USA.

    Overall Length: 8.25"
    Blade Length: 3.50"
    Blade Material: 154CM (Stainless)
    Opening Mechanism: Flipper
    Lock: Inset Liner Lock
    Closed Length: 4.75"
    Handle Material: 3D Machined Aluminum
    Clip: Stainless Steel
    Sheath: Zippered Pouch
    Weight: 5.70 oz.
    Country of Origin: USA

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    Sweet! I personally plan on EDC-ing my forum knife, but then, I'd EDC the custom one I'm hoping to get sometime in the future too. It hadn't occurred to me that you'd be getting one for a safe queen. Silly me :-)

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    I am a noob to BF. So right now I am on a buying frenzy until I spend all of my retirement. The BF DDR GH s90v is so special to me it will be very difficult for me to use it for edc but I still will be admiring it daily for years to come.

    I wanted another BF DDR GH s90v but I decided to go and try something different while I wait for this knife to be made. I searced for more info on the HTM Bullwhip in BF but couldnt find much. So I think I will be among the first few to buy this knife recently. I will try to post a short little review and pics when i get it next week.

    Thanks for the questions.

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    I have seen this knife in 3 places today. One has the manual satin plain edge blade with black handle and two others have the manual black plain edge blade and black handle. The place I got mine is still the cheapest. PM if you want to know where.

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    Hi, I finally recieved my knife in the mail. Ordered friday and came monday. I know this has been out for awhile but it was out of stock in most places until recently and I havent seen anyone with pics or reviews. Sorry I dont know how to get the flash right.

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    Some more....

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    I just got it so I havent had time for the review yet. It definitely feels solid thought when I hold it. Smooth opening and closing and has that nice sound when opening.

    Thanks for looking.
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    That's definitely a nice knife. Congrats.
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    i didnt read any of the thread i just got to im looking to buy one of these (htm/ddr) for edc before i said ...


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    Thanks RevDevil, I will have tested it more in a couple of days.

    @DCXXVI, Are you asking me a question? Im not for sure?

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    Pics. after 1 day.
    Normal use.

    Lock up after 1 day.

    What the Bullwhip looks like in your pocket.

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    Yes Im a hand model. This is my Blue Steel Bullwhip pose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimitiveEnergy View Post
    Thanks RevDevil, I will have tested it more in a couple of days.

    @DCXXVI, Are you asking me a question? Im not for sure?
    lol no, no question thats what i was saying you should get lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by DCXXVI View Post
    lol no, no question thats what i was saying you should get lol
    Ok. I understand now.

    I have the Forum DDR GunHammer s90v already ordered, I think autos are illegal where I live, I wanted a manual, and I wanted to try out this blade style.
    If I really like the Forum DDR GH, when i recieve it, I will probably buy more DDR knives and try to go for the crew badge if still available.

    I was too impatient to wait the Forum knife to be made so I tried out a different style of HTM/DDR/GL.

    Thanks for your comments.

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