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Thread: Old SEAL Knife Advertisement

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    Old SEAL Knife Advertisement

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    Hello, I have a question about an old Ka-Bar advertisement from the late 90s. It was an image of a SEAL diver (if I remember correctly) with a Ka-Bar knife that had been developed for special forces/SEAL use. It was a tanto blade with a very unique shape for a Ka-Bar (especially the handle, not a barrel shape but kind of rectangular with a section at the hilt for the thumb). I was wondering if anyone remembers this knife? One of the key points of the advertisement was it being able to punch a hole through a car door. Ring any bells? Trying to track down the model name.

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    My apologies, got it confused with Ka-Bar somehow by mistake. I finally found an image of it and was able to track it down. It was the Emerson-Neely Timberline Specwar knife. Figures I would finally find it after searching for an hour and making a forum post lol. Does anyone have experience with or an opinion of this knife?

    If an admin thinks this post should be moved to a different section of the forum now that I've figured it out feel free. Thanks.

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