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Thread: Something to cross off my bucket list

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    Something to cross off my bucket list

    We had a 24 hour endurance race this weekend. That's an item on the bucket list, drive full speed on a race track. During the race, I got to add "Crash into a brick wall at 75 mph and walk away" to the list. Check out post #49.
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    " It'll buff out " Nice that it kept going. My race world has ended I guess .Radio operator for Rally New York but RNY apparently has collapsed.Politics and egos !

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    total bucket list material... nice work.

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    I raced years ago ..Dirt track 5 years ,then ,drag raced 4 years, it got to expensive when kids came into the picture. I would do it all again.....
    Looks good for the speed ..Did it close the jam gap on the pass. side .?

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    Yes it did. Only $125 to straighten the frame back out, but others in the team want to replace the entire chassis and move everything over, motor, tranny, roll cage. We're currently fighting back and forth about what to do with it. I'm trying to convince them that cutting the roof off and swapping the cage isn't as easy as just getting the frame straightened.

    Where I hit the tire wall, it was right at the end of the island. 10' to the right and I would have missed the tire wall and gone up the track to the safer barrier. Safer barrier would have hurt considerably more at 75mph, although I might have been able to save it with the extra distance. Driving for the first time ever, adding rain made it a lot tougher and I never considered what to do if it hydroplaned. Apparently, inside the line where other cars have been is fine in the rain. If you get one tire outside the line you will likely spin. If you get both tires outside the line, you will hydroplane off into the tire wall!

    The further I get from the actual crash, the more fond my memory is of the crash.
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    You call it texting. . . .I call it a cellular telegram

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