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Thread: What is the best Mora knife?

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    For me, it's this one:

    Mora Bushcraft Forest. S-Steel. Around $34.

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    I have the Bushcraft Survival and its my favorite knife, all things considered. The fire-steel works very well.

    The Robust is on my wishlist for sure.

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    I only have the Robust and I like it !! It's awesome !!

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    Mora Clipper 840 (carbon steel) with an azwelke kydex sheath. If and when I destroy the knife, I'll just buy another and throw it in the sheath.

    I'd be worried with lack of retention on the standard sheath, so the azwelke kydex one makes it perfect.

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    I have all sorts of Moras, but my vote goes to the newer Mora Robust. Great knife!!

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