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Thread: Looking for Kwaiken Type Folder

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    Looking for Kwaiken Type Folder

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    I really started digging the Kwaiken type blade shape. I know of CRKTs Hissatsu folder and the upcoming Böker plus Kwaiken. Are there any other options in the sub 200$ sector?

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    Lucas Burnley has made some customs, but other than that, Google has little to offer.

    Personally, and a little off-topic, I think one of CS's Ti-Lite's would mod into an interesting Kwaiken.

    I think Peter R would make a wicked Kwaiken.

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    I think Kershaw has a folder blade similar to a kwkn.

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    Jake Hoback also has a custom kwaiken. I think with your price range, the boker kwaiken coming out would be your best best. It's the production version of Burnleys

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