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    New Pkal

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    Just got my first Ban knife, a beautiful Gen 4 Pkal. What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Thank you Ban.

    Those of you who have a fixed blade pkal, how and where do you carry it? Horizontal or vertical? What clock position on your belt? Been carrying and training with a Spyderco Pkal for a while but this is my first fixed blade. just looking for some ideas while I start to experiment. Thanks.

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    I like my gen 1 canted forward above the beltline at 10 o clock or my gen 4 straight up above the beltline at 2.

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    When I had one, I carried it just left of centerline with handle canted 45* down for forward grip, or 2-3oclock with handle canted 45* up for reverse grip. Pretty much the way the SouthNarc folks advocate. I carry my mini-bowie (sharpened swedge) pretty much the same way now. But I have it horizontal just left of centerline, because the handle is much longer than the pikal handles.

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