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Thread: 1000th Post Giveaway!!! 4 Prizes! ****** Winners Announced!!!!

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    My ZT that means the most to me is my ZT 350. First ZT I got and even better it was a present from the gf.

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    My Shun 6" petty knife, though not my favorite in the kitchen, has a very high amount of sentimental value. It belonged to a roomate of mine who stole it from his home kitchen but never cooked anything. I used it for four years and have had to fix multiple chips, broken tips, and heavy rust spots but it still gets sharp enough to make the tomatos tremble in fear. He moved out long ago and I've brought it to my new home where it still gets plenty of love.

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    After a WHOLE LOT of reading and homework on buying a new Chef's Knife for the kitchen, I decided on the Shun Premiere 8". Doing so much research on Shun, I come to find that their sister brand is Kershaw.

    Well, I've got a few multi-tools and SAKs but I never really paid much attention to this realm. But once I started looking into Kershaw, that paved the way to all kinds of articles and threads and posts about all these magical steels...And so now I've got myself a beauty in the Blur S30V!!

    So, my favorite Kershaw/Shun is; my Chef's Knife when I'm in the Blur when I'm everywhere else!

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    Kershaws and ZTs are amazing. The knives are sweet, well priced, the dealers are good (cough, cough, kershawguy, cough), and the company support is excellent. They will continue to get by business for as long as I am needing production knives.

    Oh yeah, BTW, thanks for the GAW.

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    Thank you for the chance!!! I'm in love with my 0560! It's actually knocked the Sebenza outta my pocket! Every time I grab a blade on my way out the door, I'll pick up my 0560, put it down, pick up my Sebenza, & think I need to give it some love, & then I'll put the Sebenza away & grab the 0560! I'm a XXL, so I'll sit out on the knives, but I'd love the shirt! Thanks again for the opportunity!


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    Cool contest, thanks. My favorite Kershaw is a ZT! Although I love my other Kershaws (Leek is sure nice to carry), my ZT 303 is a beast and the nicest knife I own. It is special to me because my wife got it for me as a surprize b-day present and went and picked it out without telling me (she never does this). Definitely one I will never get rid of. Sorry I cant post pics I am borderline computer illiterate


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    Definitely my Leek my kids bought me for my birthday.

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    ZT 0550 for me is top of the list. Lots of excellent Kershaw products at very reasonable prices. The ZT 0550 for the money is a lot of knife though. Congrats on your 1000th post and thanks for the give away.

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    The ZT that means the most to me is the 350...I think it's the perfect EDC for soldier and civilian tasks and cannot be beat on price for performance.

    XXL - I'd wear it proudly.

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    My favorite Kershaw is my Skyline. It's also my first Kershaw. It will not be my last!


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    I'd say my JYD since it was a gift from my dad, and he put a lot of thought into that knife.

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    My blur meant the must to me, always locked up solid ,stayed sharp as a razor, and lived in my pocket

    Sadly I just had to sell it and a few others for bill money (fractured my ankle so far been out of work over a month and a half)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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    Thanks for the opp.

    Favorite Kershaw was my Chill that was convexed and frostied by Ban. Got it taken away by TSA so I picked up another but it's not modified like my original.

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    My favorite Kershaw is and always will be my Tilt with ser number 45 (my lucky number)

    Even better than a pic, a video! Back when Jdavis owned it! :

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

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    Shun Premier Chef Knife for me! I got one as a gift for my sister in law and she LOVES it, but it really meant something to me because it brought my brother and sister in law into the knife world and gave them a love for good knives!

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    Very cool, congrats on the 1000th post.

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    I carried a Leek from the first month it came out. I fell in love with the AO for weak side carry. Moved to the ZTs and never looked back. I forgot how to spell the names of other brands - even though I literally have a safe full of them.

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    Come on People!!! Who wants to win some cool blades!

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    My favorite is my ZT 0560. Ergos are fantastic, its lightweight and beautiful. It was a compulsive buy, but a damn good one!

    I need to take some pics

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    My favorite Kershaw is all of them. LOL But if I had to choose just one, out of what I have, I would say the Blur. I like the quick snap of the blade opening. The slight curve of the blade. The feel of it in your hand. The size and weight are perfect. I have been wanting to check out a Skyline, but I have not done it yet.

    Here is my favorite.

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