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Thread: Custom Sebenza Scales

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    Custom Sebenza Scales

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    I know you're not supposed to mess with a good thing, but I want a custom scale for my small sebenza 21. Looking, for carbon fiber, wood, G10, or anything that changes it from a plain jane sebenza. Anyone know where I can get custom scales for it? Thanks guys!

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    79 views and not 1 recommendation? C'mon guys!

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    I know tuffthumbs will do em for the sebenza, you gotta send him the knife though and it normally takes a few months I hear.

    See if cuscadi makes sebenza scales. Im sure theirs other makers I dont know of them though.

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    Barry H also does custom scales... just search for him on here

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    Thanks for the info guys! I knew someone had to do it.

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    Barry H is one of the best if not the best scale maker for Seb's that I've seen. If I were to do that to one of mine it would be Barry H for sure, plus he's a member on here. Maybe ask in the CRK forum

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