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Thread: Emerson Cqc7bw Benchmade Griptillian both have boxes

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    Small Sebenza Insingo With Papers and Box

    Ok so lets start out on this one by saying that it comes with a box,2 bags, birth card, and lanyard pin
    the birth Date on this beauty is July 27, 2010
    This Blade does NOT have Made In Idaho stamp
    The lock up is about 60% in my mind
    Blade is centered perfect.. and i sharpened that baby up so now its like a lightsaber!
    Email Me for pics and ill try sand end them as soon as possible!
    Btw Email me With your BF username so i can locate you on the forums.
    Please NO low baller offers.. i will ignore you
    Im interested in Striders, CRK , and especially Yuna Knives
    Thank you for visiting my forum and make it a great day
    My Email Is [email protected]
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    We can't email you.

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    sent vm

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    VM and Email sent.

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    still available

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    email sent

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    Orange PM2 CTS-XHP BNIB for Sebenza

    TRADE IN PROGRESS Hi guys/girls i have a bnib paramilitary 2 cts-xhp for trade
    perfect condition comes with papers, box, and even that little plastic bag that you get when you buy it from a store
    i also have $60, a custom spyderco tenacious with brown g10 scales in anso pattern and blue liners and it has stone washed blade, pocketclip, and liners. it comes with boxand papers, and 2 emerson A100s that i could add
    email me at [email protected] be sure to include your bf name!
    thankyou and havea great day
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    Emerson Roadhouse

    hi guys i am looking for a emerson roadhouse, or CQC 8 , or mini horseman. dont care year or blade coating only care that it cant have serrations!
    I have to offer an emerson a100 and a tenacious with brown g10 anso pattern with blue liners. it also has stonewashed pocketclip blade and liners.
    or the tenacious and a zdp189 stretch lnib.
    Please dont ask for pics if you dont have an offer.
    i might consider other higher end knives and if neccesary i can add $60

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    Large Sebenza Insingo

    Hi Guys i have a large seb today
    So its bday is May 8th, 2012
    it comes with all the papers and untied lanyard, lanyard pin,CRK blue cloth, Original box, and a knife art velcro patch
    It has some scratches on the titanium, but not that many and its not that noticeble
    blade is very sharp and it is dead center and Rock solid. Also The lock up is nice and early
    Email me at [email protected] for pics and more questions also leave your bf name in the email and post that you have emailed me
    NO lowballer offers i will simply ignore you!!
    Also if neccesary i can add $160 and a zdp-189 spyderco stretch LNIB
    im Interested in the following:
    2012-2011 sebenzas
    les george vecp
    Yuna knives
    Hinderer xm18
    emerson Roadhouse
    lots of high end custom frame lock or liner lock

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    email (revised) sent.
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    email sent dshunti28

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    email inbound.

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    email sent

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    Small Sebenza Micarta Inlays

    trade in progress
    Hi guys i have a small sebenza with micarta inlays for trade. I have this up for trade here and on YouTube.
    Only noticeable scratches are on the pocket clip
    This knife comes with papers box cloth and birthcard.
    It was born April 30 2012.
    Lock up 40%.
    No lowball offers
    I'm open to lots of knives. Make me an offer. Your knife can't be abused unless an expensive custom.
    i can add money for a hinderer like 200 to 250
    im really wanting a small insingo though. the insingo would have to be the s35 vn
    if your knife is worth less than mine you will have to add money
    video here:
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    That's nice looking

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    Do you want single lug or double?

    Want to buy CRK Mnandis from 2011 and 2012

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    haha i would want your double because ive never tried it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex55501998 View Post
    That's nice looking
    Quote Originally Posted by isaacsawesome View Post
    Please no chatting in the individuals section of the exchange

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