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Thread: Busse Ruck, SAR 8, HG55, SFNO LE, NMSFNO, ASH-1 - relisted, prices reduced

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    Busse Ruck, SAR 8, HG55, SFNO LE, NMSFNO, ASH-1 - relisted, prices reduced

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    Prices include shipping to Canada / USA. Shipping from Canada. Payment accepted by BANK cashiers check, Paypal (+3% for fees) or Bitcoin. Prices in USD.

    Sorry, no trades, need money. I can email additional or higher resolution pictures if desired.

    Contact by email for quickest response: jnussle (at) telus (dot) net

    Desert Camo Ruck - $950

    Desert camo blade finish, tan micarta. Sterile (no logos). One small scuff in the finish visible in third picture. It does not appear to have been used.

    SAR8 LE # 412 - $700

    Satin finish. New, unused.

    HG55 LE # 270 - $450

    Satin finish. New, unused.

    HG55 - SPF

    Jungle camo blade, tan micarta. New, unused.

    HG55 - $390

    Urban camo blade, black G10. New, unused.

    SFNO LE #41 - SOLD

    Limited edition, #41 of 300. Hand shaped tiger hide micarta. Satin finish, sabre grind. BEAUTIFUL, flawless! I really must have lost my mind.


    Tanker grey. Includes Mashed Cat kydex sheath. New, unused.

    Skinny ASH-1 - SOLD

    Black finish. Includes Armoral Leather sheath. New, unused.

    SAR-8 - $600

    Satin finish, black paper micarta. New, unused.

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    SFNO LE #41

    Skinny ASH-1

    I'll take these two.

    Edit: Pmt sent.
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    PM sent.
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    I'll take it,,NMSFNO Thanks Jeremy

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    Lovin that HG55 LE. Any interest in an unused, Mint Sarge 7?
    The only easy day was yesterday...

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