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Thread: Who uses a wicked edge here?

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    Who uses a wicked edge here?

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    I just bought a pro pack 1 from Wicked Edge and I was wondering what angle do we use on the cqc-7? And which set of holes, the top or bottom?

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    You can choose the angle you want.if your trying to match the factory angle mark the blade edge with a sharpie and take a couple light passes to see what your taking off and adjust accordingly .good place to start is around 20 per side.i always try to us the top set of holes and keep the blade fairly centered..

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    On my cqc7 I cant even get that... I dont know if they reprofiled it differently when I sent it in or what. I cant even get 30.... I was like wtf.. Because on my sharpmaker that I have, I use the sharpie trick too and works fine. but this time on the cqc-7. I cant get sh!t.. I guess time to reprofile.

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    I don't have any experience with the Wicked Edge, but if you send an email to Clay at Wicked Edge, he should give you tips on sharpening the Emerson. If you re-profile the blade, you're going to take off more material than necessary. I would keep the chisel edge also.

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    Well I went with a 30 I had to reprofile somewhat. I mean I couldnt hit the edge no matter what setting I used. so there was no calling anyone ya know? I was all the way maxxed out and still on the shoulder of the edge. Now I did my cqc10 and that was 25 deg and is pretty sharp now.I know this isnt a good test, but prior to me using the WE sharpener, the knife shaved hair and sliced paper pretty good. Now the knife doesnt shave hair but slices paper good. Should I work the lower grit stones more like 600 then 800 then 1000 then strop?

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    Are you only sharpening one side of the CQC-10? I use a Lansky, which is another guided system. I simply sharpen one side until I create a burr. Then I run a stone on the other side to break off the burr. Then I strop it a few times.

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    Still waiting on my WEPS order (backordered).

    They also have a pretty active forum at:

    And here's a link to their Knives Database which lists a lot of different models and steels and what's recommended for them:

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    I just got my Wicked edge, but have not tried it on my Emersons, I am still breaking in the stones on a Cold Steel beater. I have used my DMT sharpener on one of my Emersons though and I found the angle to be around 40 degrees. I had asked for advice on another forum and I was told that the angle on an Emerson is 40 degrees inclusive which means the one side is about 40 degrees being as they all have an asymmetric chisel grind and as stated earlier you create a burr at 40 and remove it from the back side at I guess what you would call 0 degrees. This worked for me, but, I plan to do more reading before I put an Emerson on the WE.

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