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Thread: Fisher #8 anvil 1886?

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    Fisher #8 anvil 1886?

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    Hello. Im new here/first post. Sorry ahead of time, if I posted in the wrong section/ ask whats been asked a million times, and so on.
    I am new to blacksmithing and making knives. So far so good, though. Ive been using a section of railroad track shaped to an anvil, and am looking to move up to something bigger (like a regular anvil). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any information on the fisher #8, 1886. im thinking about buying this one (hope i did that right). Any and all info is appreciated (other brands/recommendations included).
    I plan on using it often, if that matters. It might not see daily use but it will not be sitting around untouched for months on end (it might see daily use).

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    Allllllllllllrighty then!!!!

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    Fisher anvils are fine.
    Stacy E.Apelt
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    Or Mr Fungus?

    Fisher, Peter Wright, Trenton, and Hay Budden are likely the four most available anvils. All are good. That Fisher would be a decent anvil. Not sure of the weight.
    Fisher's are my personal favorite. I have two. One from 1907 and one from 1913. You could use most any of the above four and several other brands alll day long for your lifetime and still hand it down to your kids.

    All anvils have differences. For example. Fishers are made of cast iron that has a W1 tool steel face welded on during the pouring of the casting. They are excellent anvils. Both of mine have 90%+ rebound. Their great attribute is the cast iron doesn't ring. When you forge it's more of a thwack.

    The other anvils will ring and you'll need to deaden it to protect your hearing and keep the neighbors happy.

    When buying an anvil take a 1" or so steel ball bearing and bounce it on the anvil face. If it's a steel anvil you should get a clear ring and no "dead" areas. A Vulcan or Fisher will not ring because they are cast iron.

    You should get 50% or more rebound on a real anvil.

    This is a start anyhoo.
    Btw. You first post was at 1am and second was 5am. Impatient anyone? Lol....

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    thanks for all the info. i ended up getting it. great shape. youre right, this fisher doesnt ring like the piece of track ive been using. i'll have to get a ball bearing to check the rebound but, im sure im going to like/use this more than my 12'ish inch track.
    and yes.. no patience (i drove 9 hours, 4.5 one way, to pick it up)

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    Share some pictures! How much did it actually weigh? Congrats!

    The edges look to be in good condition.


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    ehh, i cant find the wife's camera off hand. it looks purdy much like it did/does in the ebay pics. dont have a scale handy either, seems like she's all there though (80lbs).
    the edges are in GREAT shape (this thing was really made in 1886?).. all the guy told me was it used to be his dads and that he (the guy) hadnt really used it much since he aquired it. its been painted but, seems solid to me. cant find any cracks or evidence of being re'done. i really really really like it... ended up paying $150 but, i had to spend $80 in gas to pick it up=$230

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