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Thread: USPS problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SOC_MRN_Leon View Post
    This happened to me as well. Updated tracking was constant and everything until the day after is was supposed to get here. I got "delivery status not yet updated" and this was after the "out for delivery" update. I went to my local USPS and they said to go to the one in which they sort the packages. It was a 10 min drive but I asked and the man went to the back room for like 3 seconds and pulled out my package. I don't know why they didn't deliver it so they might be holding it.
    Funny enough, my tracking finally picked up again this morning, after four days of complete silence. Now it's in NJ, and hopefully on it's way for tomorrow morning.

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    I once had a book I had ordered addressed to to Ed Fowler, Willow Bow Ranch, PO Box 1519, Riverton Wyo. Some how it made it to Vatican City and roamed around for a couple of months, then here she came. A little tattered from the trip, but the book seemed somehow better. I would bet it drove the poor folks in the Vatican City Post office nuts for a while.

    St Louis seems to be the toughest place to get packages through.

    Letters from Washington take weeks, for some reason that is the tough way. I quit ordering books from that state and Calif just for that reason.

    But with tracking they move right along.?

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    I have some stuff coming in USPS, just the tracking on Saturday said it was out for delivery to a zip code 40 miles away. Nothing showed up that day either.

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