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Thread: Favorite Hi-Viz Knives for Camping?

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    Favorite Hi-Viz Knives for Camping?

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    I want something easy to spot for camping. If I put it down I don't want to lose it in the brush. Good quality steel only..

    Right now I'm looking at

    • REI Benchmade Griptillian (only one in red .... no straight edge offered unfortunately.. but it's SV30)
    • Ratmandu in Orange
    • S30V Blur in Red (limited edition)

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    Venom green ESEE, any model but recommend the 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardTripper View Post
    Venom green ESEE, any model but recommend the 6.
    This. I got the Izula in this color and its very bright green.

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    If you don't find one you like don't forget a small bright lanyard is good and some bright nail polish stays on G10 for a long time, even in bad weather.

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    few other options:

    Benchmade Triage
    Spyderco limited runs of orange Paramilitary 2

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