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Thread: Little knife with a lot of character

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    Little knife with a lot of character

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    Shapleigh Hardware 3" Coke Bottle Jack . The more I look at it the more I appreciate the character, style, and lines.


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    I am right there with you. The lines, bone, long pull, blade length and shape, well everything, is sweet!!! I want it
    Do you have a closeup of the tang stamp?

    Here is another Shapleigh with a lot of character:

    My little peanut

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    love those pics, I happened to run across a Shapliegh yesterday along with an interesting Camillus knife( main blade is a spear the other is a pry blade and it has a bail, it also has an etch that reads Xcelite brand k422), last one was an O.V.B single blade pruner I think, it has great walk and talk and it was made for Hibbard Spencer and Bartlett a Chicago Hardware Co with I thought to be nice since I live in the near the City. All this at a church estate sale wear I had to go pick my mother and grandmother up at I also forgot to mention an very thin flat ground kitchen or skining knife that has a stamp on the blade that reads Village blacksmith watertown Wisconsin I think don't quote me on the town but its something close to that. Sorry I've Hijacked your thread and carried on so long

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    That knife has both a lot of quality and 'atmosphere'. By that I mean the aesthetics of it and the heritage.

    Very compact sleek lines and in very nice condition too, appreciate you letting us have a look.

    Regards, Will

  5. Cool knife. I like the jigged bone a lot. I sold a small coke bottle in the Exchange and it currently resides with a friend in NZ but I don't think he'll mind me sharing an old photo. It's a peach.

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    Gevonovich, I will try to get it. I am surprised I can see it in the bottom picture. It is extremely faint.

    Supratentorial, nice knife, love the stag, I am envious.

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    Those are some nice knives with that heirloom look to them.

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