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Thread: Just wondering; which of your knives fit these descriptions?

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    Mar 2012

    Question Just wondering; which of your knives fit these descriptions?

    Wow. That title was hard to word out.
    I've been wanting to make this thread for a while, but was never quite sure how to word it.
    I hear lots O' things about our favorites, or infamous "Just one", so I changed it up a bit.
    So, without further distraction......

    What knives that you own, would be classified as a:
    Quote me or copy/paste to get the descriptions easier

    Ill do me first.

    Beater/no worries - SOG Twitch 2
    EDC favorite - Benchmade Griptilian
    Dressy - Case Slimline Trapper
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun" - My HUGE Express Machete
    Fixed blade favorite - Kershaw Field Knife
    Guilty pleasure - Gerber Mini Paraframe (it's TOTALLY the right size.....)
    Hunting/fishing/trapping - BUCK-lite 110 (BUCK 110 with plastic handles)

    For you guys/gals:

    Beater/no worries
    EDC favorite
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun"
    Fixed blade favorite
    Guilty pleasure
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    Beater/no worries - Victorinox Ruck Sack
    EDC favorite - CRK Umnumzaan
    Dressy - BRK Pro Scalpel
    Fixed blade favorite - Haakonsen Survival Knife
    Guilty pleasure - Hinderer 3.5" XM 18 slicer
    Bushcraft - BRK Aurora 3V

    I had to change some, as I dont have knives in that category... but here ya go!

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    Los Angeles, CA
    Some of my knives do double duty, so these aren't fixed.

    Beater/no worries: Kabar Dozier
    EDC favorite: I'd just stop buying knives if I could settle on something... This month, it's the Delica 4 FFG.
    Dressy: Spyderco Caly3 Carbon Fiber
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun": Becker BK-7
    Fixed blade favorite: My own custom
    Guilty pleasure: Mercator K55K - bad grind, blade rubs the handle, lockup rocks in all four directions. But I really like it.

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    Thanks guys! Keep 'em comin'!
    (I changed one of my choices from BUCK Large Paklite Skinner to my machete)

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    Northern California
    Beater/no worries - CRKT M21 (Got this when I was in high school and it's taken quite the beating)
    EDC favorite - Spyderco Jester G10 (gets most of my tasks done without scaring anyone, hell people even find it cute :3)
    Dressy - Don't have one right now ): I am not a very "dressy" person
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun" -
    Fixed blade favorite - Spyderco Mt 15 (Okay, it's one of my only good fixed blades ;_; plus I'm still in that honeymoon OMG I LOVE THIS KNIFE phase )
    Guilty pleasure - Gerber RipStop (My first knife, it's a nostalgia thing I guess. Plus I added serrations to it myself, and it just works for me. I could EDC it every day of my life and need a different knife maybe once or twice a month, but well, that wouldn't be very interesting now would it :P)
    Hunting/fishing/trapping - ESEE Izula

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    Midlothian, VA
    Beater/no worries - Blur OLBLK
    EDC favorite - Blur OLBLK
    Dressy - Bradley Alias 1
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun" - Hossom Retribution 1
    Fixed blade favorite - Les George 3V
    Guilty pleasure - Begg M.I.G. Civilian
    Hunting/fishing/trapping - Skyline FB
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    The swamp
    Beater/no worries: Wal Mart CRKT Ripple or Meyerco ShockWave
    Favorite EDC: Southern Grind Bad Monkey
    Dressy: Boker Barlow
    Too big/just for fun: Bark River STS-8
    Fixed blade favorite: TRC Knives TR12-S
    Guilty pleasure: undecided
    Favorite hunting: JW Knives Tanto

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    Soylent Green waiting room, Ocala Florida
    Beater/no worries:ZT 551
    Favorite EDC:Spyderco Zulu
    Dressy:Chris Reeve Ti-Lock
    Too big/just for fun: None
    Fixed blade favorite: None
    Guilty pleasure: Microtech Whale Shark
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    Beater/no worries: Ganzo G704, Sanrenmu 710, Cold Steel Large Vaquero
    EDC favorite - Cold Steel Large Vaquero
    Dressy - Douk Douk, Sheffield Stockman
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun" - XL Voyager, Condor Parang
    Fixed blade favorite - Fairbairn-Sykes
    Guilty pleasure - Ganzo G704
    Hunting/fishing/trapping - Mora Classic #1, Puma 270

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    Beater/no worries - alox SAK Pioneer
    EDC favorite - Large inlaid Sebenza
    Dressy - Large inlaid Sebenza
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun" - Case Bowie, very fun knife to use
    Fixed blade favorite - Randall 14
    Guilty pleasure - Bear Grylls Ultimate
    Hunting/fishing/trapping - Boyscout pattern slipjoints

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    Jul 2011
    Eastsound, Washington
    Ill play along

    Beater/ No Worries - Spyderco Delica
    Dressy - Sage 1
    EDC Favorite - Para 2
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun"- Nothing yet
    Fixed Blade - Esee 3
    Guilty pleasure - My throwing Knives (Dont have anything for this)
    Hunting/Fishing/Trapping - I need one of these also

    Jeez i dont have many knives yet

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    Jul 2006
    Stockton, CA. USA
    Beater/no worries - Strider RW-1
    EDC favorite - Case Peanut
    Dressy - DDC SnG CC
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun" - Cold Steel Rajah ll
    Fixed blade favorite - Strider BT-SS
    Guilty pleasure - Benchmade 940
    Hunting/fishing/trapping - Cold Steel Barong machete
    “You gotta love livin' baby, 'cause dyin' is a pain in the ass!”
    -Frank Sinatra

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    SF Bay Area, CA. SpyderNation # 390. Beckerhead # 305.
    I'll play:

    No Worries: BK-16 / 0551 (fixed when I can/folder when I must.)
    EDC: Para2
    Dressy: Sage1
    Big/Fun: RMD (not that big, but more than I normally need.)
    Fixed Blade: War Dog
    Guilty Pleasure: 0551 and Swayback Jack - depending
    Hunting/Fishing/Trapping - don't do much, but it will be the BK-16.

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    Oct 2010
    Beater/no worries -kershaw skyline
    EDC favorite -paramilitary 2
    Dressy -case sodbuster
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun" -BM 51 morpho
    Fixed blade favorite -esee izula II
    Guilty pleasure -i dont have a specific knife but i tend to pick up really crappy balisongs even though i know theres better...
    Hunting/fishing/trapping Bark river bravo necker 3V

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    Dec 2010
    Tampa Florida
    No worries: Esse izula
    Edc: BHK bushbaby
    Dressy: Buck 110t, keep the bolsters shiny.
    Big/fun: Swamp rat Rodent solution
    Fixed blade: Bushbaby, she's almost perfect
    Guilty pleasure: still working on that, but a sebenza in the near future looks possible
    Hunting/fishing: gotta go with the swamp rat, crazy sharp edge and the coating means less steel to clean
    In short, need more knives!

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    Beater/no worries - buck 301 stockman 420hc
    EDC favorite - spyderco endura zdp 189
    Dressy - case peanut
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun" - 16" WW1 springfield bayonet
    Fixed blade favorite - buck 119
    Guilty pleasure - spyderco titanium military
    Hunting/fishing/trapping - buck 112

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    Beater/no worries - Ontario Rat-1/esee 3
    EDC favorite - Griptillian
    Dressy - Don't have a knife for this, but I take my griptillian
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun" - ESEE 6
    Fixed blade favorite - ESEE-3
    Guilty pleasure - ZT 0350st
    Hunting/fishing/trapping: ESEE 3

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    Beater/no worries: Benchmade triage/ caly 3 cf

    EDC favorite: para 2/ rift

    Dressy: benchmade mini skirmish/ 940

    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun": hossom forrester/ lfti

    Fixed blade favorite: little seki cut folder/ izula

    Guilty pleasure: titanium military/ 42

    Hunting/fishing/trapping: bone collector/ leatherman skeletool

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    Kent, WA
    Beater/no worries Pendleton Lite. I've done everything possible to it that a knife could realistically be needed for, and it's still in great shape.

    EDC favorite Either my modded Leek (cut the blade an inch shorter and rounded it off into a stubby wharnecliff) or my customized Tenacious (black knife with blue scales swapped onto it.)

    Dressy Only thing that comes close is my Kershaw Crown. Stainless & black Micarta make a fancy combo.

    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun" CS Spartan.

    Fixed blade favorite my Khukuri

    Guilty pleasure ZT0350. It's an addictive flipper...

    Hunting/fishing/trapping Probably my Pendleton again. It takes a great edge and is easy to sharpen up again when (not if - hunting uses dull a knife, lets just accept that fact) it gets dull.
    May your life be more than a series of chance events.

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    Los Angeles
    Beater/no worries = SNG (great warranty)
    EDC favorite = Small Sebenza
    Dressy = Mnandi
    "I don't care if it's too big or scary right now" or "just for fun" = Military is closest
    Fixed blade favorite - ESEE 3
    Guilty pleasure = Shirogorov Hati 95
    Hunting/fishing/trapping = Nyala

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