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Thread: Rockwood State Park

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    Rockwood State Park

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    I stop by this place a time or two a year. This time I went out in late June. To be honest its nothing fantastic. Trails are limited and not maintained well. I did take the nephew out to teach him some orienteering and knife skills. There is a decently long horse trail around the park, though I don't own a horse. They do have a small lake for fishing and kayaking/boating. Mainly its just a good place to kill a few hours or go camping for a short overnight trip. The nearby town does have a great Dairy Queen though.

    Trail started off promising this morning.

    Sun was still coming up a bit

    This is one of the only 3 trail markers I found. The trail was rough and as I hiked I cleared it a bit.

    Yet still nature is fascinating...

    Trail got a bit better away from the lake

    Closer to Prairies and farmland the trails were tall grass

    Interesting how fast the trail changed from woods, grassland then pine trees

    Nephew found a baby frog

    Oh it doesn't look like much in this pic but, this trail is all mud!

    Last view of overgrown trail before finally breaking out into a local corn field.

    A few hours well spend. Knife skills and rough trails help in the learning process. It was a good hike.

    Thanks for checking these out!

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    Looks like a great place to hike
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    Seems like a great place for outdoor activity.

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    I did my college internship at White Pines Forest State Park, not far from there to the east.
    White Pines is a tiny park, but worth a stop if you're passing by. Apple Canyon and Franklin Creek are two other attractive parks in the region, if you haven't already been.

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    I went to White Pines as a kid to look for some fossils...long story short...ended up wayyy to close to a unfriendly snake. Have not been to the other parks you mentioned.

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