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Thread: Camp Cook Gear!!! FS Pots and pans

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    Camp Cook Gear!!! FS Pots and pans

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    1. Snow Peak 900 Ti, very used! Bottom is warped and rounded, skillet lid has some carbon build up. Set still works great and is very light! SOLD

    2. Olicamp 2 piece Stainless set. Fry pan lid and pot with folding bail. Very nice set. Used once. SOLD

    3. Unknown metal cook pot. Possible BSA pot. Vintage. $15 shipped conus

    4. Forged steel fry pan (small) SOLD

    5. Stanley mug bowl combo (branded Eddie Bauer) $19 shipped conus

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    Is the "3. Unknown metal cook pot. Possible BSA pot. Vintage." aluminum? Steel? Stainless steel? And is it in good enough condition to be used? Sorry, but I can't tell from the pictures.

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    I having a hard time figure it out. it's heavier then any aluminum pot I have.

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    I would like that little forged skillet. Shoot me your paypal address. Thanks

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    I am sorry the skillet has sold. Need to update the thread.

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